What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is technology at a sub-microscopic level, beyond human perception.

Why is LESS better?

LESS is better because it changes the combustion in your engine. Your engine

becomes more efficient and works at a lower cost and runs cleaner.

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What is LESS?

LESS is a fuel additive based on nanotechnologv. LESS decreases fuel usage,

lowers the emission of harmful substances, and increases the engine’s performance and staving power.

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Is there any proof?

Yes. Research has shown that LESS works. The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

has worked with professionals in the transportation sector to monitor LESS in the field for over a year. Click here for various performance indicators in LESS and research.

How does LESS work?

You can find an animated film explaining the whole process of fuel combustion here .

What do the users of LESS say about it?

Click here  for the comments by Wesseling Transport.

Click here for the comments by Brouwer’s Tours.

Click here  for the comments by Tim Coronel.

Shouldn’t everyone be using LESS?

LESS already is a great success in Asia. In the USA, LESS is a highly competitive fuel additive. In China, a factory producing LESS has been recently

opened capable of treating 70% of all of China’s fuel. In Europe, the number of consumers using LESS is growing by the minute. How about you?

What does LESS have that others don’t have?

There are very few additives that are suited to all types of engines. New engines, old engines, petrol engines,

diesel engines. And the effect of LESS has been demonstrated by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

Are there other players besides LESS?

Most of the major fuel producers offer fuels that contain additives, and these fuels claim to have beneficial effects.

But there’s no proof. LESS however has a clear message. And LESS in combination with regular fuels makes them a lot cheaper to use.

Who uses LESS?

LESS is for everyone. Consumers. Businesses. Everyone can enjoy the advantages of LESS.

Is LESS bad tor the engine?

On the contrary. LESS means better fuel combustion. LESS helps to keep the engine clean and decreases the emission of harmful gases.

Is the guarantee on my vehicle still valid if I use LESS?

Yes. For example in the case of diesel even when a double dosage of LESS is used, the diesel still complies with the European Norm for diesel EN 590.

Why don’t the major fuel companies use LESS?

Would you be happy selling LESS fuel when your company wants to make as much profit as possible?


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