LESS is More

LESS Works For You

LESS works for all types of combustion engines C2-stroke and 4-stroke). LESS works in petrol as well as diesel, and in fuel mixtures such as ethanol, methanol or biodiesel. LESS works for all kinds of engines, regardLESS of their age. LESS works in cars, trucks, buses, military vehicles, train engines, mowing machines, waterskis, gas turbines, tractors, boats, off-road vehicles; basically any kind of engine. LESS works in any climate. LESS works without modifications to your engine. All you need to do is add it to your fuel tank.

LESS is More

LESS isn’t just “Iess talk and more action”. It is also proven technology. Holland’s foremost research institute, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), has shown that LESS truly works. Various transport companies were involved in the research. Both Wesseling Transport and St van den Brink Transport tested the product during the course of a year, with great results.

LESS at petrol stations and garages

LESS is more at petrol stations, garages and workshops. Offer LESS to your clients and you will be doing them a great service. You will give them an engine that performs better and runs more economically. You will help them contribute to a better environment. That’s what makes LESS more. More than an additive!


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